Taking Care Of Horses

Having a new horse is a big responsibility. You will need to finances for it for his boarding and treatment and become knowledgeable about all aspects of horse keeping. Below are a few information and resources for amateur and experienced horse owners.

Once you’ve chosen a horse that will suit your personality, experience and competetive ambitions, if any, you are prepared to attempt the joys of horse possession!

There is much to learn about horses and their care that it is very smart to read all you can before taking that big step. This complete Site has been designed as a Guide to information for horse owners and, as a result, has links to a wealth of information and articles that’ll be of use to you, and in the foreseeable future now.

Horse Terminologyhorse anatomy
Every sphere has its “lingo” and to become able to converse knowledgeably with other horse owners, your vet, farrier and other equine experts, you will have to know these equine conditions and the brands and looks of the vast selection of colors and markings.

Equine Nutrition
Even owners likely to keep their horse at a complete care facility should familiarize themselves with the ideas of equine diet.

Horses are grazers who, in a natural environment, will spend their times grazing more or less constantly. When horses are kept in a stall and are fed one or two meals of concentrated feeds and grains, digestive problems such as colic will probably occur.

By following these basic tenets, that are aimed at keeping small amounts of supply in the digestive tract at all times, much as with nature, the risk of tummy upsets is lowered:

Feed hay before grain – a bored and eager horse will probably quickly gulp down his grain. Feeding hay first will give him something to do also to take the edge of his hunger. When his grain is presented, he will be more likely to eat and digest his supply properly little by little, decreasing the chance of any colic.

Feed little and frequently – to approximate the horse’s natural tendancy to graze constantly, delivering the grain in three or four small feeds per day, of 1 large one instead, will lessen the chance of colic by allowing the gut to keep up constant levels of the bacteria needed to digest food.

When your horse is a young child or is elderly, you ought to be familiar with their special nutritional needs.Advertisement

cute horsesHorse Care
Whether you’re boarding your horse at home, or at a boarding facility, you’ll need to know the essentials about grooming, types of clip and types of saddles.

The subject of Equine Health Care, and especially First Aid is some may be which all horse owners are constantly learning. New owners need to learn how to evaluate their horse’s vital signs, and learn what’s normal because of their horse, to allow them to quickly and easily tell when something is amiss. Maintaining a regular de-worming schedule is vital to their well-being, as work and regular vaccinations.

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The Best Looking Horses in the World

I love all kinds of horses and I treat them equally. Still, it will be quite dubious if I claim that all horses look alike. Just remember that your love for horses shouldn’t just revolve on their beauty. My 2 horses at home aren’t the most elegant or beautiful horses in our area but I love them with all my heart.

But what makes a horse “beautiful”? Well, the first thing for me is their coat. A horse with a beautiful coat can make my eyes light up like stars. Next would be their mane, not all horses are gifted in this department so it really depends on your idea of a beautiful mane.

Remember that no matter how the horse looks, you should still shower it with the same amount of love. But just to make a case, here is a video of some great-looking horses I found on Youtube.


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Why Horses?

If your favorite valentine is one who eats hay and is currently in the process of shedding, you probably don’t need any specific reason–you love your horse, it’s as easy as that. But sometimes people ask: why would you want to do everything that work? What’s in it for you? Why are horses such a special part you will ever have? While the reasons may be diverse, you might say that you love horses because:

1. They’re always pleased to see us
Sure, that passion-filled whinny and Bonanza-like gallop might be aimed for the carrots in your pocket partly, but there is no question that some horses develop strong connections with their favorite people. They nuzzle us when we’re near, they come (sometimes) whenever we call, and they just seem to enjoy spending time with us. Horses are generally affectionate.

2. They get us out into the world often
Be honest. If it weren’t to the hungry horse away in the barn waiting for breakfast, you will possibly not spend some time outdoors each full day. On days of bad weather, in particular, you may probably find a million reasons to avoid heat or cold. But from the great thing to really have the daily care requirements of your horse: it forces you to definitely get exercise every day, you are kept by it on a routine, it keeps you rising early, and–best of all, to my mind–it provides you the opportunity to work and observe nature under all conditions. You’ll get rained on, snowed on, and blasted with heat–and you’ll better appreciate the world because of computer.

3. They take good care of usme and my horse
All too often the rider sometimes appears as the guide and head, while the horse is diminished to mere muscle and machine. This of course is an oversimplification and ignores the true teamwork that can be present in so many horse and rider relationships. On top of that, many horses take care of their humans. Just how many of us learned to ride on a special, wise old lesson horse that understood more about the game than we did clearly, and helped us learn? Just how many ponies gently look after their young riders throughout a trip across the ring in a walk-trot school? Horses are so easy to love because they should have it.

4. They’re good listeners
There’s just something about speaking with animals. You desire a sympathetic ear sometimes; a pal who won’t judge you; a creature who doesn’t brain if you boast, whine, desire, or sing before them. Obviously, you can certainly do the same with a family pet, but horses have the added benefit of movable hearing that flick backwards and forwards as they pay attention to your story.

5. They’re beautiful
I don’t know whether it’s true (or how you’ll validate the statistic), but horses are supposedly the second-most photographed subject matter in the world–second only to people. True or not, there’s no doubt that horses appear frequently in art. Wonderful to view, beautiful to behold, and rather to use pictures of, horses evoke a feeling of awe and loveliness that transcends culture. There’s something uniquely peaceful and soothing about watching horses, even if they are just grazing.

6. They’re funny
Beautiful they might be, but that doesn’t stop horses from also making us giggle. One sure way to lift your spirits is to step again and observe a few of the quirky things that horses spend their time doing. From funny encounters to herd dynamics to “I’m so happy to be alive” antics, horses are always a good source of fun.

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